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High Tech Handyman. Custom Electronics. High Tech Handyman offers help with setup or operation of many home consumer electronic products. This service is intended specifically for the average non-technical person who purchases a product such as a VCR, Entertainment system, Radio, or other electronic device and then needs some help setting it up or operating it. With modern electronics and all the complex features and hookup options, it is very easy to get confused or frustrated. We can come to your Home or Business electronic hook up help. Need Help for your Electronics?

Believe it or not a lot of people have this question. That said… we thought a pretty good place to start is to take a look at the backside connection panel on a fairly typically flat panel television of today and describe electronic hook up help each connection does. Take a look at this picture. We added numbers to the picture, circled numbers 1 — 8. Below the picture we provide a brief description of the connection points on the TV, by number, and how you might want to use that connection point. Throughout this article we link to other articles so if you want or need more information or maybe a photo of what something looks like you can quickly research that topic too. And in even a few cases, based on the manufacturer make and model of TV, some of these connection points can be programmed by you, the user, to do something different.

The dealer can help you with the needs of your particular unit. Benchtop Power Supplies Many electronics labs have that allow you to provide a wide range of voltage and current electronic hook up help your circuit. To do that, unscrew the post until the hole going through it is exposed. Although it would seem that the posts are connected to the breadboard, they are not.
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