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Dating the Pauline Epistles. Before leaving 1 Thessalonians, I want to deal briefly with the question of how scholars date the Pauline epistles. This letter is considered the earliest Pauline epistle we possess, and in fact the earliest piece of Christian literature that has survived. You need to be at least somewhat aware of how that conclusion is reached. How does one go about dating this letter and all the Pauline letters? That is, determining the order in which Paul penned his letters, based on the development of Paul's thinking evidenced in dating pauls letters topics he addresses.

The earliest written books in the New Testament are the letters written by Paul to the churches he established and to some of his personal disciples. Paul contributed 13 epistles to the NT, undisputed through most of Christian history. Clement of Rome testified ca. After preaching both in the east and west, he gained the illustrious reputation due dating pauls letters his faith, having taught righteousness to the whole world, and come to the extreme limit of the west, and suffered martyrdom under the prefects.

Paul was a strict Pharisee and a primary persecutor of Christians soon after Jesus's death. After Paul had been doing this for some time, Jesus came to him in a vision Actsand Paul converted to Christianity. He spent the rest of his life as a traveling missionary, spreading the gospel good news dating pauls letters the world; and his letters were part of this. Because of his writings, we know more about him than any other person mentioned in the New Testament; but there are still notable gaps. Paul did not intend these letters to be kept for posterity. He wrote them to communicate with distant churches, to encourage, to cajole, to inform, and to respond to events that he had heard about.
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BFF is now on Facebook! Please visit and join us in releasing God's powerful Word to our generation! God's peace can help us live above anxieties as we learn to trust in Him! The Apostle Paul wrote numerous letters or epistles and makes it difficult to keep them straight. We have a chart that presents each of them in their own grouping so one can better understand the dating and circumstances behind each of the Pauline epistles. Pauline New Testament NT letters or epistles as they are sometimes called are laid out here in chart form in chronological order. They start on around Paul's second missionary journey in A. The dating pauls letters on the church changed with time and situation and thus four themes characteristic of the Apostle Paul's letters i. Pauline epistles have stood out: Christ's coming, Christ's salvation on the cross, Christ's nature and lastly Christ's people the church.

Interesting post. Obviously, there are host of old thorny issues involved in dating Galatians -- most of which twist around what one does with Acts specifically for questions of provenance and the Jerusalem council. I'll not retread any of that ground here. Mainly because the issue of dating the letter to the Galatians a precise point on the timeline can not be precisely correlated with the Galatian crisis a range of time and the point at which Paul "writes off" the Galatians with respect to the collection a sort of end point -- however it is questionable whether it should be considered ultimate in the relationship dating pauls letters Paul and the churches there. Big YES on Galatians!

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