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The day was cold, the window she was looking out of was empty and desolate, she was inside the broken and slowly decaying house of her ex, or should she say her now back together boyfriend, Ash. She didn't want to, she would have rather faced the sun to burn her to death, but the reason she's with him again was that he has something that belongs to her, Hambo. She lost him once she wasn't going to give him up again, it was the only thing that reminded her of her past, Simon, finn and marceline dating fanfiction well as that she got it back from Maja with the help of Bonnie. It felt like old times when they got him back so it made him extra special for the memory it could be counted upon.

This page describes Marceline 's relationships finn and marceline dating fanfiction other characters in the Adventure Time series. Marceline held a huge grudge against her father, Hunson Abadeerbecause he ate her fries, as described in her "Fry Song. This was made more explicit in Rebecca Sugar's original draft of the song, widely available on the Internet. When he steals her Ax bass, her grudge against him grew.
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